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My favorite part is.. the response to emails and calls, the willingness to work with the customer and make changes to adapt to them. In a survey response, rated highest on quality of work, support received, and overall experience. I would do business with {my}epic.site again.–David Olson, Olson Medical

It all looks AWESOME!!!. I can't express how pleased the students and I are with the finished product. It has been a pleasure working with you. I will definitely recommend you to all the other youth pastors in the area. (in a survey) Rated us 10 in four out of four areas of service.–Charlie Turner, Coppell Bible

(from a survey) Had a great experience, and would do business with us again. Perfect ratings received for quaity of work and friendly service. His favorite part was "the brainstorming and seeing the projects come together." –Sean Mulroney, Teens of America

It all looks AWESOME!!!. You're freakin amazing! I love it! Thanks again for moving so quickly on everything! It’s been a real help, and as always the product is phenomenal. I trust your creativity.–Eric Scott, One Way Student Ministries



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